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Introduction to oncological homeopathy for English-speaking health care professionals

17th February  2024

A model cure with a follow up of 20 years

For the first time after 30 years of teaching, Dr. Dario Spinedi, head physician of the homeopathic clinic “Clinica Dr. Spinedi”, one of the world’s best known homeopathic cancer expert, is organizing a  webinar in English, dedicated to health care professionals interested in learning about the treatment of cancer patients with classical homeopathy.

The first webinar will take place on Saturday 17 February 2024 , during the online webinar he will present a case of oncological patient with long follow-up, and will share important indications in finding the correct remedy according to the overall picture of the patient.

Participants are welcome to take part actively and take questions or raise doubts at any time.

Language: English (easy) 

Where: online, webinar

Price: Euro 60 (only with credit card)


Dr. Dario Spinedi graduated in medicine at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). During his studies he discovered the principles of homeopathy and felt immediately fascinated by the discipline. In 1977 he met his master Dr. Jost Künzli von Fimmelsberg (former student of Dr. Pierre Schmidt), and attended with enthusiasm and passion his lectures during 14 years.

 In 1993 Dr. D. Spinedi established a school of homeopathy in Ticino, Switzerland, where he teaches to Swiss, German, Austrian, Italian and Russian homeopaths.

Since1997 Dr. D. Spinedi runs a homeopathic clinic where cancer patients and patients affected by other severe chronic diseases are treated with classical homeopathy. 

7 May 2022 – 25 Years Clinica Dr. Spinedi