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I am following an allopathic cure (conventional medicine) can I be treated with homeopathy after the cure?

Cancer patients can benefit from the homeopathic treatment before, during and after conventional therapies such as chemo- and immunotherapies or radiations. The homeopathic treatment can reduce significantly the side effects of conventional therapies, improving its results.

I was diagnosed with cancer how can homeopathy help me?

Patients suffering from other chronic diseases can benefit from the homeopathic treatment in terms of general strengthening of the immune system and in the reduction of the side effects caused by synthetic drugs. The homeopathic treatment is complementary to conventional treatments.

Is there scientific evidence that certifies the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of cancer?

In 2011, the Freiburg University (Germany) conducted a statistical research at the Dr. Spinedi Clinic. The prospective study involving over 600 tumoral patients (260 treated with homeopathy and 380 with conventional medicine only), demonstrated that the patients treated with homeopathy had a significantly better quality of life, regardless from the stage of the tumor[1].

Another study from 2016 demonstrated that advanced carcinoma patients following a homeopathic treatment parallel to a conventional therapy showed a life-expectancy extension (p <0.001)[2].

[1] Rostock et al .BMC Cancer 2011, 11:19, “Classical homeopathy in the treatment of cancer patients- a prospective observational study of two independent cohorts”, BMC Cancer, 2011, Epub 2011 Jan 17.

[2] Gleiss A, Frass M, Gaertner K, “Re-analysis of survival data of cancer patients utilizing additive homeopathy”, Complement Ther Med. 2016 Aug;27:65-7 Epub 2016 Jun 7.




I have decided to book a stay at the Clinica Dr. Spinedi Clinic, how should I proceed?

To book a stay at the Clinic, we kindly ask you to :

On the day of arrival, the administrative and nursing staff will show you the spaces, activities and areas reserved for homeopathy patients.

Important: When you book the hospitalization, you will receive a confirmation of hospitalization from the secretariat and the contact details of the attending physician. Please contact your assigned physician before admission, so both parties can answer any questions.

How long does a stay in the clinic last and what are the costs for the first admission, and the follow-up admission?

On average,a stay at the Clinic lasts two weeks, three for special cases. To calculate the hospitalization costs, we invite you to fill the online cost-estimate form or contact our secretariat. 

Are the costs for the stay in the clinic reimbursed by the insurance?

The hospital is accredited by the cantonal authorities, but not by all mandatory Swiss health insurances. For more information you can read our page on refunds, or contact your insurance directly

Which are the terms and conditions for the payment?

The payment terms are described in the cost estimate, downloadable at the following link.

The stay

What is the daily routine in the clinic?

On the day of admission, the first medical history takes place for a duration of 2 – 4 hours. From the second day, on a daily basis,  the patient will be visited  by the physician in the morning.

Once in a week the supervising doctor. The supervising doctor is informed daily of the progress of the therapy. The clinical input of several doctors guarantees optimal homeopathic treatment.

Patients outside the medical visits and during the weekend will have free time where they can take care of excursions or trips in the surroundings.

Is the clinic offered a suitable diet for patients suffering from a tumor disease?

In the coming months the Clinic will propose a healthy diet to its patients, with the aim of supporting, through a correct nutrition, the treatment of chronical and tumoral illnesses, and of preventing any relapse.

The mechanisms that cause chronic diseases are common and are normally related to an inflammation, an acidosis and an oxidation. This is why the Clinic stresses the importance of a diet composed of anti-inflammatory, alkalizing and antioxidant nutrients which avoid the outbreak of inflammations, acidosis and oxidation in the body.

The healthy menu is composed mainly by vegetables with carbohydrates from whole grains, preferably with little gluten, and proteins from mainly vegetable sources (legumes), and to a lesser extent from animal sources (eggs, white meat, fish). In addition, an optimal ratio of omega 3/6 fatty acids is included in the diet.

The health menu is also offered as a vegetarian option (on request before arrival at the clinic).

Post admission

What am I already treating with a homeopath, who will follow me after my stay in the clinic?

After the stationary stay, homeopathic treatment can continue with your homeopathic doctor in collaboration with the medical team of the Dr. Spinedi Clinic or, at your request, with the clinic’s doctor.

The patient remains in contact with the clinic’s doctor by telephone, fax, mail or letter and receives homeopathic remedies by post.

Are follow-up hospitalizations necessary after a first stay in the clinic?

For optimal homeopathic treatment, we recommend that you regularly repeat a check-up at the clinic.

The follow-up stay is offered at a special rate. You can find more information on our online quote or by requesting a price list from the secretariat.

Additional scientific evidence

Is there any further scientific evidence?

The Homeopathy Institute Research has updated its official FAQ, giving as complete answers as possible based on scientific data and evidence. To access, click HERE.