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Costs and Reimbursements

Clinica Omeopatica Dr. Spinedi

We recommend a two-week stay for patients with severe chronic conditions.

Reimbursement of expenses

The Clinic is regularly authorized by the Government of the Canton Ticino, but it is not recognized by the statutory health insurance (LaMal). In some countries, the statutory health insurance and/ or private insurances might cover part of the hospitalization costs. In all cases, we invite you to apply for refund for medical and/ or hospitalization expenses (or any tax benefit) before the stay at the Clinic.

For Swiss patients

Patients with a supplementary insurance might receive a reimbursement for the medical expenses.

Currently in Switzerland the EGK insurance (Eidgenössische Gesundheitskasse) covers the costs of stay and medical care provided by the Clinic.

For Italian patients

The costs of the stay and the medical treatment are not reimbursable by the National Health System. Please contact your local health authority to receive more information on possible reimbursements.

For german patients

In most cases the statutory health insurance does not cover the treatment costs; however, it is advisable to check your individual case with the statutory health insurance.