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Clinica Dr. Spinedi

The homeopathic Clinic in the heart of italian Switzerland

Clinica Dr. Spinedi – Homeopathic Clinic


Dear patient,

Thank you for your interest in the homeopathic clinic Clinica Dr. Spinedi.

Since more than twenty years, we treat patients with chronic diseases with focus on oncological conditions.

Our patients appreciate the holistic nature of the homeopathic cure, as well as the dedication and the comprehensive support of the Clinic staff.

The medical team is composed of physicians with a degree in medicine, a specialization in homeopathy, and a solid clinical experience.

Any question, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to find a solution with you.

Dr. Dario Spinedi – Head Physician

Team Clinica Dr. Spinedi

Who we are

The team of Clinic it is composed of physicians graduated in medicine with a specialization in homeopathy.

Dr. Dario Spinedi, head physician of the ward, is a world-renowned homeopath, teacher and speaker .


Classical homeopathy is a gentle therapy which places the totality of the person (body and psyche) at the center of the treatment. The homeopathic treatment is holistic, individual, and personalized.


Your stay

Compared to an outpatient treatment, the hospitalization in the Clinic allows a better understanding of the patient’s clinical picture, giving the physicians the chance to monitor closely the patient’s reaction to the remedy administered.

Costs refund

In some countries, the statutory health insurance and/ or private insurances might cover part of the hospitalization costs.

Activities, courses, seminars

The Dr. Spinedi Clinic is accredited as a teaching institution since more than 20 years.

This section is dedicated to those who wish to participate in a seminar, or attend an open doors event at the Clinic.


The time dedicated to the patients and the humanity are characteristics that distinguish the work of our team.

Dr. Dario Spinedi







years of clinical experience


Of our patients would recommend the Clinic to a friend