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The homeopathic treatment aims at finding a remedy that matches the individual person.

The healing process in homeopathy does not consider the single symptom, but it individualizes the cause of the disease and treats the entire structure composed of body and mind thanks to the principles of homeopathy.

The principle of Similia similibus curentur (like cure like) is the basis on which homeopathy is governed. The principle is based on the observation that a diluted and “dynamized” natural substance treats the symptoms that the same substance causes, if administered to a healthy person.

Homeopathic remedies are composed of substances of vegetable, animal, mineral, chemical nature.


According to any holistic therapy, nutrition plays a pivotal role in the cure of numerous diseases.

For more information on the menus offered at the Clinca Dr Spinedi, you can consult our FAQ page in the RECOVERY section.


At the Clinica Dr. Spinedi, patient have the chance to participate in Qigong classes; a practice which helps to reduce mental and physical stress.

Qigong is a healing technique which includes exercises of inner silence, concentration and movement.

The practice relieves physical and mental tensions, improves balance and posture as well as breathing.


During the art therapy meeting, patients can express emotional difficulties strengthening the self-healing powers and inner happiness and creativity.

In a moment of final dialogue with the therapist, the outcome of the therapy is discussed individually.

The representations created are shared with the medical team, for a deeper understanding of the patient’s clinical picture. The images can provide important information about the patient clinic picture. That is why art therapy is part of the therapeutic concept.


Meditation is a practice that aims at strengthening the immune system and personal growth hrough positive images and breathing exercises.

Meditation helps you achieve awareness of yourself, of your body and soul.