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12/03/2024 Christian J. Becker

How important is homeopathy as a health insurance benefit to people? Have their attitudes changed following the health minister’s plans to cancel it? Answers can be found in a recent opinion poll conducted by one of the major survey institutes in February 2024. Compared to a survey conducted in 2023, the result shows the increasing popularity of globules: a large majority would like to retain homeopathy as a health insurance benefit – and the proportion is even increasing. Here are the details:

The 2024 opinion poll and the comparison with the 2023 poll show three important results. They are the results of a representative opinion poll conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research in February 2024 among 1063 respondents aged 16 and over and the comparative study conducted by the same institute in February 2023.
(The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung FAS was the only medium to report on this on 10 March 2024 – astonishing, as the FAZ and FAS usually only write critical articles about homeopathy).

First result: One in two people want health insurance companies to continue offering homeopathy (survey 2024).

Second result: Twice as many respondents want to maintain the therapy as reject it.
The majority of 50 per cent in favour are opposed by a minority of 23 per cent who reject the therapy as a health insurance benefit. Undecided are 27 per cent. According to the February 2024 survey.

The third result is that within a year, the proportion of those who want homeopathy to be covered by health insurance has risen further. A year ago (report in the Homoeopathiewatchblog), 48 per cent of respondents were in favour of homeopathy as a health insurance benefit according to the Allensbach Institute; currently, in February 2024, 50 per cent are already in favour of the globules.

Should the health minister plan to take the next step of withdrawing the medicinal status of homeopathic remedies, which would be tantamount to a ban, he would have a two-thirds majority of the population against him: 67 per cent said in 2023 that homeopathic remedies should remain medicinal products.

The Allensbach surveys from 2023 and 2024 show that the health minister’s intention to abolish homeopathy as a voluntary statutory health insurance benefit is rejected by a large majority of the population and only supported by a few. And the surveys also show that the campaign by Karl Lauterbach and the anti-homeopathy lobby has even strengthened the importance of homeopathy for patients and that more and more people want homeopathy as a health insurance benefit from year to year.

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